Curriculum Vision Statement - Fort Dodge Community School District - Fort Dodge Iowa

Curriculum Vision Statement

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Vision Statement

We, the Faculty, Staff and Board of Education of the Fort Dodge Community School district, hold forth this vision of an engaging curriculum for all of our students which is based on the following learner centered principles:

Challenging: Relevant and appropriately difficult learning activities will stimulate creativity, curiosity and higher order thinking.

Differentiated: There is evidence of a variety of instructional strategies to meet the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of each student.

Active: Students create their own knowledge and understanding by connecting what is learned with prior knowledge and experience. Concepts are integrated when appropriate.

Experiential: Students interact with information and apply it to new situations. In-Depth: Students are involved in a deep study of fewer topics.

Sequential: There is vertical (K-12) progression of concepts in a logical manner.

Results Oriented: The teacher facilitates learning to promote growth toward successful achievement of developmentally appropriatestandards and benchmarks.

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