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Andrew Tew
Transportation Technology

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Building Trades

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Design Technology

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Building Trades

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2014-2015 Think Award,  State Championship Qualifier

Medal Winners




Medal Winners

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 Program Mission Statement:

The Fort Dodge Senior High School Industrial Technology Education Department is a program dedicated to help all students gain occupational skills needed for the 21st century. Students that enter this program will have the opportunity to utilize the experience of hands on experiences that will develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. There will also be opportunities to explore career based courses in the areas of transportation, engineering, communication, manufacturing and construction technologies. Students that enter this program will have the option to explore basic courses or enter into a career based series of classes that will fall into the articulation agreement with local colleges.


 We Are Ship Dodgerbots Robotics Qualify for 2014-2015 State Championship!

The team qualified at Humboldt FTC League Championship by winning the Think Award which is given to the team that best described the engineering process through their engineering notebook.  The team placed 15th at this event that took place in Iowa City on March 6-7.  The top 12 teams qualify for the next level which is a 70 team tournament from 15 states.




Industrial Technology Department Staff Members Speak at 2012 State CTE Confernece Andrew Tew, Ed Birkey,  and Curtis Tessum were all selected to speak at seperate sessions at the 2012 State Career and Technical Education Confernece that was held in DesMoines. Topics that they were asked to speak on included the use of CTE student organization to build a program.  Improving enrollment in CTE programs and Getting At-Risk students involved in CTE Programs.


Industrial Technology Department Wins National Contest!

Congratulations to the Fort Dodge Senior High Industrial Technology Department!   Ed Birkey, Industrial Technology Instructor, submitted the winning essay of the nationwide “Win a Shopbot for a Year!” contest sponsored by American Woodworker Magazine. 

The ShopBot is a digital fabrication tool that will allow students to fabricate what they design on their computers using Computer Aided Drafting/Manufacturing software.

This equipment will enable the students to compete at the State SkillsUSA Automated Manufacturing contest. This contest evaluates teams for employment in integrated manufacturing technology fields of computer aided drafting (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and computer numerical controlled machining (CNC).  CAD operators construct and model the 3D parts; the CAM operator generates the tool paths; and the CNC operator sets up and machines the part.

Check out the complete story at the Fort Dodge Messenger:  Link

Check our Blog at American Woodworker Magazine:   Link



Industrial Technology Department Staff Members Speak at 2013 Careers Confernece

Andrew Tew and Ed Birkey, Instructors at Fort Dodge presented at this year’s Careers Conference that is held annually in Madison, Wisconsin.  Their topic dealt with how they raised enrollments from 656 to 935 students in the past four years

Mr. Birkey Speaks at 2013 State Industrial Technology Conference 

 Ed Birkey, Instructor at FDSH was selected to be a speaker at the 2013 state conference this July.  His topic dealt with using online software to assist students in engineering related courses.


 Industrial Technology Department was selected to be a national blogger! 

 After winning the ShopBot contest in 2012, Sponsors where impressed with what Fort Dodge students were doing in the area of manufacturing so they asked us to be a national blogger on their educational website.  100kSchools is your free resource to help you incorporate digital fabrication technology in the classroom.  You can check out our blog here



          What Do We Do?   

The Industrial Technology Department has a lot of courses that are offered! They can all be classified in four main areas: Automotive/ Transportation Systems, Construction/Building Trades, Manufactuing, and Engineering. Below is a brief statement of what is done that area of study. 


Automotive/Transportation Systems:

We learn how to maintain automobile systems.

We troubleshoot and diagnose automotive systems

We disassemble and assemble automotive systems.


Construction/Building Trades:

We learn how to use tools and machines used in the construction industry

We build structures from bottom to top.

We work at a jobsite in the community.



We learn how to use a vast amount of machines, tools, and materials that are used in manufacturing.

We learn processes that are used in industry.

We fabricate projects to specifications



We use a computer to draw parts of an object.

We dimension a part so someone can build it.

We use a design process to develop finished engineered products.









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