FDSH Speech Team Successful at Districts; 28 Events Advance to State

FDSH Speech Team Successful at Districts; 28 Events Advance to State


March 7, 2017, Fort Dodge, IA-  Fort Dodge Senior High’s speech team had a successful showing at the Individual District Speech Contest, qualifying 28 performances for the Individual State Speech Contest to be held at Sioux City East on March 11.

Varsity Division 1 ratings:

Johnathan Brandt – Public Address

Courtney Cordle – Poetry

Morgan Cox – Original Oratory

Lucas Durand – Solo Musical Theater

Tristan Earnest - Poetry

Max Halligan – Acting

Anya Hamilton - Improvisation

Cate Hatton – Expository Address and Prose

Keziah Henkelman – Literary Program

Annie Laird - Prose

Rafi Lim – Acting and Expository Address

Karisa Meier – Literary Program and Solo Musical Theater

Hyunah Na – Radio News Announcing

Annie Niemeyer – Literary Program

Mary Perez – Original Oratory

MaKayla Pingel – Acting and After Dinner Speaking

Taylor Potter - Reviewing

Hannah Reynoso – Poetry

Chloe Vinchattle – Public Address

Junior Varsity Division 1 ratings:

Antavion Adams – Poetry and Storytelling

Grace Champagne – Literary Program

Jerri Evans – Acting

Jacob Laird – Public Address

Varsity Division II ratings:

Jeannie Boro – Prose

Madi Brehm – Improvisation

Chris Hatton – After Dinner Speaking

Annie Laird – Solo Musical Theater

Taylor Potter – After Dinner Speaking

Haleigh Swanson – Radio News Announcing

Malorie Tracy - Storytelling

Junior Varsity Division II ratings:

Akelah Wilson - Acting

“The kids’ results are a testament to the time and dedication they put into preparing for the District event,” said Lindey Krug, FDSH speech coach.  “I’m very proud of all our kids.  We’re thrilled to have 28 events move on to State and look forward to a strong end to the speech season.”

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