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Office of the Superintendent

Superintendent Josh Porter leads the team to ensure that Fort Dodge Schools are achieving excellence.  The superintendent reports directly to the Board of Education. 515.574.5651

Buildings and Grounds

The Director of Buildings and Grounds, Ryan Utley, supports students and staff by overseeing buildings, grounds, and maintenance. The department oversees construction projects, needed repairs to classrooms or buildings, and recommends methods to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of operations. 515.574.5655

Business Office

Director of Financial Services Brandon Hansel oversees all of the financial operations of the district, including payroll, the general fund, and various business accounts.  Also serving as the Board of Education Treasurer, Hansel reports to the Superintendent and Board of Education. 515.574.5644

Communications and Community Relations

The Director of Communications and Community Relations keeps the community informed and involved in our schools by producing the district newsletter, various publications, maintaining the district website, and answering media questions.  This office also strives to improve internal communication among staff members and district buildings. 515.574.5668

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is directed by Kimberly Whitmore.  The Department supports student learning by recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best employees.  The Department also works with negotiating bargaining units and strives to provide exceptional service to our staff. 515.574.5657

School Resource Officers

The Fort Dodge School District in cooperation with the Fort Dodge Police Department has two school resource officers on campus.  Officer Matt Meyer is housed at Fort Dodge Senior High and Office Matt Weir is housed at Fort Dodge Middle School.  Both officers spend time at and respond to needs at the Early Childhood Center and the four elementary schools. 

Special Education

The Fort Dodge School District values each learner’s uniqueness and potential. Educators in our school district are committed to joining parents in understanding and supporting learners. Under the direction of Branwyn Greathouse, the Special Needs Department offers an array of services such as Special Education, Talented and Gifted, and English Language Learners. 515.574.5675

Student Services

The Fort Dodge Schools Student Services staff meets the daily health care needs of students focusing attention on students’ physical health and wellness, as well as their mental, social and emotional well-being.  Student Services is a resource to parents/guardians and a partner to the community.  Staff members consist of case managers, nurses, liaisons, and mentors who function as advocates for students in the educational setting. 515.574.5650

Teaching and Learning

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Teri Boezinger provide instructional resources, leadership, and professional development training to support rigorous learning opportunities in the classroom, resulting in a high quality school experience for all students. 515.574.5640


Fort Dodge Schools equips nine different school buildings with 21st technology needs.  Desktops, laptops, netbooks, audio/video systems, digital projectors, document cameras, and advanced learning software are only a portion of services provided by the Technology Department.  The department provides a web-based student information site which allows parents/guardians access to classroom information and grade postings.  The Technology Department aligns learning and technology to prepare students for a digital age. The department is led by Kevin Bailey. 515.574.5676


The FDCSD transportation department is responsible for providing safe and reliable transportation of approximately 1,100 students a day on 30 routes covering 165 square miles.  The transportation department is led by Brad Neimeyer. 515.576.6151

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