Fort Dodge Community School District

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Art Units: 

  1. 3-D Paper Strip Playground: Students will create a 3-D playground using stripes of construction paper on a cardboard base.

  2. Texture in Art/ Texture City:  Students will create texture by moving around the room and making rubbings for texture. They will put their textures together to create a city.

  3. Paper Cutouts with Matisse: Students will meet Henri Matisse and have an opportunity to ask him questions. The students will make personally authentic cutouts based on Matisse's work from the last period of his life.

  4. Sadie and Dan from Patternland: Students develop awareness of human figure and concept of repeated patterns by drawing patterns after listening to a story about Sadie and Dan.

  5. Sunshine: Students will design a sun of their own using clay.



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