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Job Opportunities Available for 2022-2023

Art Units: 

  1. Pop Out Starry Night:  Students will learn about Vincent Van Gogh's life. They will create a pop out picture of Starry Night, changing color and details.

  2. Roman Coins:  Students use clay to create a coin.

  3. Leaves and Lines: Students will use leaves to create an overlapping work of art emphasizing unity and dimensions.

  4. Natural Environment:  Students learn about Kandinsky and his non-objective style of art, and work in his style to create a unified work of art.

  5. Mexican Bark Painting:  Students paint a stylized animal or flower design on paper as Otomi Indians.

  6. People: Physical Being:  Students learn about Keith Haring and his "public art," then work at creating Harring style stick figure composition.

  7. The Silly Putty Scream:  Students will explore Edward Munch's are work.  Then using oil pastels and model magic create a 3-D work of their own version of.  "The Sunscreen ."

  8. Picasso Portraits: Students will create a portrait with front/side view features. Student will create a feeling with use of color.

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