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Fourth Grade Music Overview

The music curriculum for fourth grade contains the following units designed to excite students about creating and producing music.  The Music Expressions Curriculum is used in the Fort Dodge Community Schools.


  •         Music Elements:
  •         Form
  •         Rhythms, reading and writing
  •         Melody – solfege reading and writing
  •         Music vocabulary
  •         Broadway
  •         Instrument Families
  •         Carl King
  •         Recorder: Reading melodies as letters
  •         African Spirituals
  •         Instrument, Strings
  •         Patriotic

In the fourth grade, an understanding of musical contrasts, texture, patterns, and styles leads to the larger concept of musical context, which encompasses style and genre as well as history and culture.  Fourth-grade students develop rhythmic and melodic independence and an understanding of tonal center. At this level, the students study woodwind and brass instruments.

    Instruments the students play in Fourth Grade

  •         Jingle Bells
  •         Rhythm Sticks
  •         Woodblock
  •         Resonator Bells
  •         Tambourine
  •         Drum
  •         Cowbell
  •         Triangle
  •         Small Cymbals
  •         Wind Chimes
  •         Mallet Instruments (Metallophone, Glockenspiel, Alto Metallophone, Bass Xylophone, Tenor Xylophone)
  •         Recorder


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