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Kindergarten Art Overview

Neighborhood in 3-D:  Students will build a paper bag house adding all the features of their house.  Then the house will be added to a piece of cardboard to make the yard.

  1. Rainbow Buses:  Students will create their own rainbow bus using markers and oak tag.  They will cut out the bus on the pre-drawn lines and color using a marker. 

  2. Pet Brush:  Students will use their imagination and turn their brush into a pet.  They will learn the correct way to care and use a brush.

  3. Personal Grid:  Students will develop self-awareness through drawing  their favorite things. 

  4. Lines Showing Feelings:  One becomes aware of changing feelings and emotions.

  5. Button, Button, Who's got the Button:  Students will select buttons and visualize the type of clothing the button would be found on and the kind of person who would wear that clothing.

  6. Matisse Cat: Through combinative thinking, students combine a green brush stroke line with brilliant colors and bold pattern similar to Matisse.  Students integrate their own style into a painting of a new cat that they have never seen before.

  7. Van Gogh in Watercolor:  Students will view paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, including Starry Night, The Sunflowers and The Bedroom. Discuss the use of colors and textures.  Bold outline drawings of these works will be painted with watercolors in the color choices of their own.  

  8. Collage Hats and Headpieces:  Students will make a hat for themselves after viewing and discussing headpieces from various art works and professions.


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