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  •     Keyboarding (Typing Master)
  •     Word
  •     PowerPoint 

Standards and Benchmarks

MIT 1:   Knows basic operations, terminology and proper care procedures for a variety of information technologies.

  •      MIT 1.4  Demonstrates competence in accessing information from a variety of sources, specifically, WWW site.
  •      MIT 1.5      Demonstrates competence in the use of at least one word processing application.
  •      MIT 1.6      Demonstrates competence in the use of at least one graphics program (e.g. paint, draw, manipulate, etc.
  •      MIT 1.7      Knows basic technical vocabulary
  •      MIT 1.8      Understands that information can be presented through devices
  •      MIT 1.9      Demonstrates competence in storing/transmitting file on computer and/or network

MIT 2:   Applies legal principals and ethical conduct related to information technology.

  •     MIT 2.2      Knows and applies basic etiquette guidelines and District policies and procedures when using networked resources (e.g. LAN, WAN, Internet, e-mail, etc.), including equitable access. 

MIT 3:   Understands and applies methods, techniques, and purposes of media production to communicate ideas, convey meanings, and influence decisions.

  •     MIT 3.2      Creates developmentally appropriate multi-media products with support from teachers, family members and/or student partners
  •     MIT 3.3      Understands that technologies can be used to alter images and information

MIT 5:   Understands and integrates appropriate technologies and media for decision-making, problem-solving, and personal information needs and interests.

  •     MIT 5.1      Recognizes differences between fact, fiction, and propaganda in various media


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