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6-P-1     Getting A Head in the World 

6-P-2     Portrait Relief  

6-P-3     Mount Rushmore or Bust

6-P-4     Kahlo’s Surreal Self Portraits  

6-P-5     Foil Figures           

6-P-6     Grill of my Dreams

6-P-7     Klimt’s Stylized Figures 

6-P-8     The New Me   

6-N-1     Fauve Trees and Things     

6-N-2     O’Keefe’s Abstract Flowers  

6-N-3     Bugs!

6-N-4     Landscapes in Watercolor

6-N-5     Matisse Motifs

6-ST-1   Blast from the Past     

6-ST-2   Family Tree Totem Poles 

6-ST-3   Modern Gothic/Mona 

6-ST-4   Your Life in a Box

6-ST-5   Egyptian Wall Painting

6-ST-6   Personal Trophy

6-ST-7   Your Life In a Box

6-S-1    Escher’s Interiors

6-S-2    Hopping Watercolors

6-S-3    Architecture Design

6-S-4    Castle Built in a Day

6-S-5    Perspective Room

6-O-1    Avoid the Dot

6-O-2    Pencillations 

6-O-3    Ceramics Buffet 

6-O-4    Upside Down Drawing 

6-O-5    Surreal Collage 

6-O-6    Metaphoric Alphabet      

6-O-7    Escher Tesselations

6-O-8    Please Pass the Patterns

6-O-9    Africanization

6-O-10   Chairished Art

6-O-11   Junkyard Drawing


  1. To develop problem-solving skills, which address and reach the multiple intelligence's of students.

  2. To develop right brain learning and divergent thinking skills.

  3. To develop higher order thinking skills leading to life long learning activities.

  4. To teach a social history of visual art through a multi-cultural world perspective.

  5. To develop career/vocational opportunities and experience.

  6. To demonstrate an aesthetic response to our environment.

  7. Know how to use the structures (e.g. sensory qualities, organizational principles, expressive features) and functions of art.

  8. Understands the characteristics and merits of one’s own artwork and the artwork of others.

  9. Effectively communicate ideas visually.


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