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This group will study a variety of instrumental music.  The Holiday concert is the only concert that will showcase seasonal sensitive literature.  There will be drill and practice with rhythm studies, intervals and scales.

Marching Band

There will be high expectations for the ensemble.  Failure to adhere to these simple rules may be cause for dismissal from the group.

Be respectful

To all property both personal and school owned, to instructors and staff, to your peers.  This includes but is not limited to talking during rehearsal, turning in music or disregard for productivity.

Be prepared.

This means to show up for rehearsal on time with the proper material and assignments completed.  This also means that music must be prepared (practiced).

No food, beverage or gum during school time in the band room. Water is the only exception. 


As a performance class, it is expected that all members attend scheduled concerts.  If an emergency were to occur, contact with the director prior to the performance is vital.  Any unexcused absence will result with zero points for that portion of the grade.  Medical emergencies are the only excused absences.


The curriculum for lessons will include scale, technique solo/ensemble literature and sight reading.  It is expected that each student will continue to reach higher performance standards with regards to range control, technique and sight-reading skills.


Each student must strive to grow both musically and technically.  A regular practice routine will be necessary for improvement. 




  •     Intonation skill development
  •     Tuning skills (basic not wholly by ear)
  •     Basic music theory skills (better understanding of keys)
  •     Sight-reading skills 
  •     Continued note reading skills
  •     Intermediate level articulation
  •     Large group skills 


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