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Course Description:  There are five basic concepts that will help make mathematical connections and increase understanding.  The five concepts are number and operations, algebra, geometry and measurement, data analysis and probability and problem solving.

Prerequisite:  Completion of 7th grade Math.

Textbook:  McDougal Littell Math course

Units Covered:

1. Variables and equations
2.  Integer operations
3.  Solving equations and inequalities
4.  Factors, fractions, and exponents
5.  Rational number operations
6.  Multiple step equations and inequalities
7.  Ratio, proportion, and percent
8.  Polygons and transformations
9.  Real numbers and right triangles
10.  Measurement:  Area, and volume
11.  Linear equations and graphs
12.  Data analysis and probability
13.  Polynomials and functions

Algebra 1

Course Description: This course focuses on the key topics that provide a strong foundation in the essentials of algebra.

Prerequisites: Pre-Algebra or scoring high on 7th grade criterion based matrix

Textbook Used: Larson, R., Boswell, L., Kanold, T. and Stiff, L. (2001) Algebra 1: Concepts and skills, Evanston, IL., McDougal Littell.

Units Covered:

  •     Number Systems
  •     Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities
  •     Rational Expressions
  •     Graphing Linear and Quadratic Equations
  •     Writing Linear Equations
  •     Problem Solving
  •     Exponents
  •     Radicals
  •     Systems of Linear Equations
  •     Polynomials
  •     Solving Quadratic Equations


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