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Job Opportunities Available for 2022-2023

Course Description:

Advertising Design provides opportunities to work within a special area of advertising.  The classroom projects encourage the interpretation of thoughts, ideas and feelings in creative and practical ways.  The students will be creating art for the world of mass marketing and business.
Prerequisites:  Art Studio

Textbook Used: Understanding Art
Units Covered:

Circle-Square -Triangle Problem, Designing with Type, Typographic Portrait, Road Sign Problem, UPC Problem, Sound Problem, Number Eleven Problem, Pointillist Problem, Mandala Motif, Idiosyncratic Groupings, Logo Design, Recombining Shapes With Counterpoint, Preposterous Cross link, Interrupted Energy Field, The High Contrast Image, Public Service Announcement, Three Dimensional Package Design, Relief Display, Letter Patterns.

Course Requirements:

The students must successfully complete original works of art via the above projects using the styles and techniques prescribed by the instructor

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