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Course Syllabus Graphic Design

Software:  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Drawing Hand

Project Progression:

  •      Basic Text Design
  •      Digital Photography
  •      Visual Communication
  •      Exploring Visual Design
  •      Basic Design HTML
  •      Website Design
  •      Field Study/Studio Visit
  •      Community Project Design

Timeline and content may change during semester.  A semester test will be given.  Handouts and terminology sheets will be given for resource information.

Graphic Design provides students the opportunity to explore fine art with state of the art computer based curriculum.  The class emphasizes visual communication design problems and marketing of products through graphic design.  Students will work in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.  Various graphic design software such as:

Prerequisite:  Art Studio           


1.  Basic Text Design – This unit will cover various font styles, sizes, and the technology to utilize the font in graphic format.  Assignments will cover the function of typography, the combining of type with graphics, and the use of good typographic design.

2.  Intro to Digital Photography – This unit will cover basic use of artistic skills combined with a digital technology.  Assignments will cover downloading images, saving images, resizing, and formatting into graphic projects.  Color printing processes used with digital imagery will be discussed.

3.  Visual Communication – This unit will cover the interaction of type and visual images placed together for a final image.  Design techniques, problem solving, analyzing of proper text/image combinations and paper selection will be discussed.  Assignments will include designing posters for school activities, maps and basic brochures for departments.

4.   Exploring Visual Design:   This unit will cover a variety of products that can be created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Printmaster (or Corel Suite 8).  Assignments will be product design, corporate identity, personal expression project and book design.  Application of typography and design skills will be expected.

5. Basic HMTL Design – This unit will cover the basics in developing HMTL products for the world wide web.  Students will learn to create headers, proper body, components of a table, create links and image sources.

6.  Website Design  - This unit covers the basic functions of setting up a website, templates for beginner use, use of tables to layout pages, formatting text, image insertion, and creating links.

7. Field Study/Studio Visits – This unit will have students job shadow a professional graphic design environment.  Students will see first hand what projects are being produced, learn about deadlines, and possibly get experience in the various aspects of graphic design.

8. Community Projects Design – This unit will cover the development of digital images for public use.  Students will be assigned a project to create for a local entity who needs image revision, promotional material or signage.  Each student will work with client to complete a final product for presentation. 

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