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Course Syllabus:

In Business Law, students will learn the importance of laws and how they relate to business, as well as their effect on society and the individual. This course teaches a basic appreciation for law and its applications. Specific applications include: basics of criminal and civil law, contract law, student rights and responsibilities, will and inheritance, and basic property laws.

Any students interested in pursuing a career in law or business should strongly consider enrolling in this course.

Course Goals:

1.  Students will exhibit knowledge and understanding of how the law developed and the importance of ethics. Students will be able to understand how this applies to criminal law, and how the court system protects individual rights.

2.  Students will exhibit knowledge of contracts in forming, ending, and what to do in the case of a breach of contract.

3.  Students will learn the legal obligations of borrowing money and buying on credit. They will also learn the ways in which checks are used and other negotiable instruments.

4.  Students may learn the legalities of planning for the future that involve marriage, divorce, renting an apartment of buying a home, insurance protection and retirement and wills.

5.  Students may have the opportunity to participate in a three day trial. All students will participate and will have to role play the role of attorney, judge, bailiff or witnesses in a trial.

Textbook:  Brown, G., Sukys, P.  (2003)  Understanding Business and Personal Law. Woodland Hills, California: Glencoe/McGraw Hill.

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