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Course Syllabus:

Computers play such an important role in every career. It is extremely important that students leave at graduation with a baseline knowledge of computers. Computer Applications I will give students the computer experience they need. This course will place an emphasis on learning the computer keyboard by touch, developing speed and accuracy, and using correct techniques. Students will also learn to create and format word processing documents. In addition, this course will include tutorials on computer literacy, word processing, and the Internet.

Course Goals:

   1. To prepare students to enter the computer age, regardless of their respective levels of technical expertise. Develop that expertise by developing strong keyboarding skills.

   2. To help students become effective and responsible technology users.

   3. To challenge students to think creatively about computer applications and to find solutions to computer related problems.

   4. To measure students' knowledge of basic computer terminology.

   5. To present the major components of hardware, software, and computing systems.

   6. To develop an understanding of the social impact of computers, both present and future.

   7. To demonstrate an ability to create, save, edit, and print documents using a word processor.

   8. To discuss social and ethical issues surrounding the use of a personal computer.

   9. To demonstrate an ability to move throughout Windows environment using the mouse, pull-down menus, desktop icons, windows and  folders.


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