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Course Description:

Computer Application III continues in the development of the skills acquired in Computer Applications II and gives students a chance to choose a technology curriculum that interests them.  Students will take charge of their own learning and develop skills in two of the following software/office procedures:   Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher), Business documents, Adobe InDesign, Development of keyboarding skills, 10-key skills or a negotiated topic they would like to concentrate on.  Students will work independently to be come familiar and proficient users of the software.  Assignments and learning materials are based on the applications used in the real-world business industry.  Emphasis is placed on time management and the development of organizational skills for job-related procedures.


  •     Excel
  •     Access
  •     PowerPoint
  •     Business documents
  •     Publisher
  •     Adobe InDesign
  •     10-Key
  •     Keyboard Mastery


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