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Course Description:

This course is set up to give the student an opportunity to explore the authorware software package of Hyperstudio.  This application allows the user to manipulate graphics, video, audio, and text. Each student will have the opportunity to work with computers, digital cameras, scanners, and other peripheral devices.  Students may also utilize the Internet for resources.  Students demonstrate their learning by creating a multimedia project of their choice, which is complete upon predetermined guidelines.

Text: HyperStudio: A Complete Tutorial


Lesson 1 - Introduction
Lesson 2 - Using HyperStudio Tools
Lesson 3 - Objects, Backgrounds, Layers, and Colors
Lesson 4 - Screen Design
Lesson 5 - Designing a Five-Card Project
Lesson 6 - Design Functions and Techniques
Lesson 7 - Working With Graphics
Lesson 8 - Templates And Ready Made Cards
Lesson 9 - Path Animations
Lesson 10 - Frame Animations
Lesson 11 - Word Animations---Hypertext
Lesson 12 - Sound
Lesson 13 - Working With QuickTime Video
Lesson 15 - Advanced Video Techniques
Lesson 16 - Advanced Graphics Techniques


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