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Course Syllabus:

Get a thorough grounding in Adobe Photoshop CS4, the must-have digital imaging program for today’s web and print designers.  Hands-on projects include working with layers, making selections, incorporating color technique, creating special effects with filters and more. Create complex web graphics such as rollovers and animations.

Textbook Required: 

    Adobe Photoshop CS4 Revealed, Elizabeth Reding

Course  Outcomes:

1. Students will create and modify bitmap artwork for print and the web

2. Students will modify photographic images.

3. Students will apply planning and decision making skills to graphic       creation/modification


  •     The platform interface
  •     Working with layers
  •     Making selections
  •     Incorporating color technique
  •     Placing type in an image
  •     Using painting tools
  •     Working with special layer functions
  •     Creating special effects with filters
  •     Enhancing specific
  •     Adjusting color
  •     Using clipping masks, paths, and    shapes
  •     Transforming type
  •     Liquefying an Image
  •     Image modification
  •     Annotating and automating an image
  •     Creating images for the web


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