Fort Dodge Community School District

Job Opportunities Available for 2022-2023

Counseling 9-12


  1. Update and prepare course catalog listing Senior High course descriptions, prerequisites, graduation requirements, and general information pertinent to student scheduling.
  2. Provide students the opportunity and information to apply and receive scholarships
  3. Develop a master schedule of classes and teacher assignments which is conducive to student achievement and opportunity
  4. Schedule students in courses to promote progress toward academic development; graduation requirements; career exploration; career pathway pursuit; personal, social, and emotional growth; and college admission requirements
  5. Provide students the additional opportunity to earn credits toward graduation requirements, or to take certain courses that are either not offered or feasible for them at FDSH.
  6. Provide advisement / input to student, family, and IEP Team with regard to educational progress, goals and options; social-emotional issues, and career planning
  7. Prepare students for, and assist with, the transition from high school to post-secondary education
  8. Recognize the Senior Class for academic and personal accomplishments (scholarships and awards)
  9. Provide students and parents a location to obtain information pertaining to college options


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