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Course Description:

This course will be taken for both high school and college credit. The course focuses on the process of writing expressive and informative prose. It introduces library research skills and critical thinking skills. Informal speaking situations are part of required class work.


1.  Organize information effectively.

  •     Recognize and use introduction, body, and conclusion
  •     Direct writing toward a specific audience
  •     Use a variety of introduction strategies
  •     Use a variety of organizational techniques
  •     State and support a thesis
  •     State a topic sentence
  •     Use sensory language when appropriate
  •     Show rather than tell
  •     Focus on and narrow a topic
  •     Use paragraphs that have adequate development

2.   Construct clear and effective sentences in Standard English.

  •     Demonstrate a minimum standard usage, i.e., spelling, punctuation, and grammar of 3 errors per 100 words.
  •     Demonstrate and use appropriate language, i.e., standard English
  •     Have a consistent point of view
  •     Demonstrate progress in the use of sentence patterns

3. Use a writing process.

  •     Use an invention technique
  •     Write a rough draft and/or outline
  •     Revise and edit drafts
  •     Produce a final draft paper in MLA format

4.  Conduct research.

  •     Recognize and use correct citation method
  •     Use a variety of traditional and electronic research tools
  •     Write appropriate questions in doing research  

5.  Read critically.

  •     State the main idea of a reading.
  •     Respond to the writer’s ideas.


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