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Course Description:

This course is a continuation of ENG 105 with instruction in library research techniques.  The major focus is on persuasive writing with an emphasis on critical thinking skills.


Reading Critically, Writing Well: A reader and Guide. 5th ed. New York: St. Martin’s, 1999. Writing Research Papers: A Guide to the Process. 6th ed. New York: St. Martins, 1997


As a part of fulfillment of Iowa Central student outcomes, the student will by writing a minimum of 1 research paper and 3 shorter papers handed in on time:

Persuasive Outcomes

1.  Assess evidence reliability, sufficiency, and appropriateness.

2.  Recognize propaganda techniques.

3.  Recognize logical arguments and fallacies.

4.  Recognize differences between general and specific information.

5.  Recognize difference between induction and deduction.

6.  Recognize differences between fact and opinion.

7.  Recognize emotional, ethical, and logical appeals.

8. Write on issues of policy, value, definition (fact), and cause and effect.

Research Outcomes

1.  Successfully use an electronic search technique and print search techniques (on-line and public access catalog; Readers Guide to Periodical Literature, Internet, Info-Trak, Ebsco, or ProQuest, and have an awareness of other print indexes.)

2. Be able to use current MLA style of bibliography and documentation format.

3. Synthesize source materials.

4. Understand and follow a research process.

5. Recognize difference between quotation and paraphrase.

6. Create and follow a formal outline. 

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