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Course Description:

This course teaches you the basics of news writing and other aspects of the field of newspapers. This course is a requirement for Journalism 2, the Little Dodger. We will write every day, along with other daily assignments and work. If you do not want to work hard every day and write every day, you may want to consider another elective.

We also have several other smaller assignments, including worksheets, quizzes and tests. We will also have chapters to read out of the textbook.

You will also be required to read the Messenger or Register anytime you are caught up on your work or are ahead of the rest of the class. There is no down time in this class. Each Friday we will have a news quiz, with items taken from that week’s newspaper.

Your final project includes development of your own 4-page newspaper, using the computer layout program, which we will learn to use during the final two weeks of the semester.


  •     News stories
  •     Feature stories
  •     Sports stories
  •     Editorials
  •     Opinions
  •     Team Coverage
  •     Deadline Writing
  •     Interview story
  •     Media Laws and ethics
  •     History of Newspapers


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