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Job Opportunities

Course Description:

The main purpose of this class is the production of the Little Dodger, the monthly student newspaper. Staff members will be responsible for the entire production of the paper from generation of stories, to interviews, writing, editing and finally production of the paper. Students are also responsible for photography and advertising.

Students are assigned positions at the start of the year, which include writers, editors, business manager, etc.

Students are assigned 2 to 3 stories per issue. They are required to research their topics, interview sources and create a story. Students are also required to complete pages for the paper, using the computer program PageMaker 7.0. Students also copy edit stories and pages.


  •      News stories
  •      Feature stories
  •      Sports stories
  •      Editorials
  •      Opinions
  •      Team Coverage
  •      Deadline Writing
  •      Interview story
  •      Media Laws and ethics
  •      History of Newspapers


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