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Course Description:

Creativity with Foods emphasizes preparing:  food for entertainment, ethnic foods, and food for special events.  Serving and selecting table service for such preparation will be included.  The creative use of convenience foods, seasonings, and preparing foods as gifts will be explored.

Prerequisite:  Basic Foods


Bence, Deborah L., Largen, Velda L. (1996) Guide to Modern Meals, Goodheart Wilcox.
Duyff, Roberta Larson, M.S., R. D, Hasler, Doris M.S., and Ohl, Susanne Sickler, M.S. (1985) Guide to Modern Meals, McGraw Hill.

Units Covered:

   1.  Orientation (Review of Basic   Foods)
   2.  Finishing Touches
   3.  Altering a Recipe/Food Substitutions
   4.  Advanced Egg Cookery
   5.  Food Gifts
   6.  Experimenting with Seasonings
   7.  Creating a Casserole
   8.  Foods of the World
   9.  Yeast Breads
  10.  Creative Use of Convenience Foods
  11.  Pastry
  12.  Party Foods


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