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Course Syllabus:

Food Service Education and Management Program is designed to provide students with a successful work-based learning experience. The focus of instruction is in food production, service and management.   Students will experience units of study in human relations, decision making, problem solving, management, safety and sanitation, equipment and food preparation.   

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Food Service, Basic Foods and World of Work is Recommended


Culinary Essentials, Johnson and Wales University, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2006
Exploring Professional Cooking  Ray, Mary Frey and Lewis, Evelyn Jones. Glencoe/ McGraw-Hill. 1996
Succeeding in the World of Work, Kimbrell, Grady and VIneyard, Ben. Glencoe. 1992

Units Covered:

  •     Orientation
  •     Parliamentary Procedures
  •     Time Management
  •     Food Service Management
  •     Human Relations/Becoming a Culinary Professional
  •     Safety and Sanitation
  •     Cost Control Techniques
  •     Recipe Conversion
  •     Culinary Applications
  •     Job Seeking Know How
  •     Entrepreneur


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