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Course Description:

Spanish I students will study the basic structural patterns of the language and Hispanic culture. Throughout the course of the two semesters, a usable vocabulary is developed.  Membership in the Spanish Club is encouraged.  Specific goals for individual chapters are outlined in the curriculum map.  Classroom work strives for a balance in written oral and listening practice to achieve mastery.


  •     Numbers
  •     Greetings and Leave takings
  •     Days, months, dates
  •     Bio. Info (Name/age, origin, health, phone number)
  •     Supplies
  •     Time, schedules
  •     Likes, dislikes
  •     Characteristics, gender agreement
  •     Ser, Estar, Ir, Tener
  •     AR, ER, verbs
  •     Subject pronouns
  •     Sub. verb agreement
  •     Ir + a + infinitive
  •     Ir + a + place
  •     Food, beverages
  •     To be hunger/ To be thirsty
  •     Plural forms of nouns and adjectives
  •     Family names, members
  •     Make plans, accept/decline invitations


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