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Course Description:

Spanish II will increase proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar. including exploration of verb forms.  Membership in Spanish club is encouraged. A prerequisite for Hispanic travels. In order to be successful in this course it is strongly recommended that the student has achieved at lease a "C" in Spanish I or consider retaking the course.


  •     Shopping, colors
  •     Prétérite AR verbs
  •     Direct object pronouns
  •     Vacations –places and leisure activities
  •     Weather
  •     Stem changing verves
  •     Personal A
  •     Household (rooms, chores)
  •     IR – verbs
  •     Demonstrative adjectives
  •     Health - body parts, ailments
  •     Stem changing verbs
  •     Indirect Object Pronouns
  •     Adjectives used as  nouns
  •     Community buildings and places
  •     Give and take directions
  •     Transportation
  •     Prétérite – of ER, IR verbs
  •     Prepositions of location
  •     Preterite of IR


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