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 Ninth Grade Health

  • Teen Living - Success in High School
         Developmental tasks of adolescence
         Understanding ourselves
         Self concept, values, goals
  • Healthy communication
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Dating and Sexuality
         Sex vs. Sexuality
         Sexual pressures
         Communication with Parents
         Communication with partner
         Seeking advice
         Peer Pressure
         Reasons for or against
  • Abstinence
  • Risk for pregnancy
  • Ramifications of teen pregnancy
  • Alcohol
         Binge Drinking
         Effect on the individual
         Ramifications of alcohol use in society


Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Grade Health

Taking Charge of Your Health

  • Making healthy decisions; goals, values, fitness, nutrition
  • Mental health, stress, anxiety, mental disorder
  • Relationships, bullying, harassment, dating, school violence
  • Substance abuse - tobacco, aocohol, drug use
  • Human sexuality:  Reproductive system, male/female
  • contraception and the birth process
  • contraception
  • STD's, SIT's
  • CPR:  First Aid, ADO Training
  • Service Leaning
  • Panel Discussions at Elementary

Adult Living - 11th and 12th grade

Packing for future:  Inheritance vs. environment influence on Who I Am, Lifestyle Options
Finding a partner
Love vs. infatuation
Relationship skills
Family:  Work impact on family.  Family impact of work.


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