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Course Syllabus:

Students can take Advanced CAD twice, once with an emphasis in architectural drafting and once with an emphasis in mechanical drafting- 4 credits total)  Advanced CAD students complete more advanced computer aided design problems than were done in the introductory class. CAD Mechanical students are involved with machine drafting components while CAD Architecture students draw light frame buildings and details that relate to them. The CAD classes provide students an introduction to technical training needed to enter various fields of computer aided drafting and design. This course  for college credit through ICCC is entitled Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting. This course provides the student with an introduction to the use of computer aided drafting software to make drawings of various objects. Students will create and modify drawings, print hard copies, and change the drawing environment to meet task requirements. AutoCAD 2002 and Inventor software is used to complete assignments.

Prerequisites:  Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting ( Drafting)  

Textbook Used: 

AutoCAD Basics,  by Shumaker and Madsen, Autodesk Press
Architecture Residential Drafting and Design by Kicklighter, Goodheart Wilcox
Inventor Series Tutorial Software, Autodesk

Units Covered:


  • Review 2D CAD concepts
  • Introduction to 3D Drawing
  • Introduction to Solid Modeling
  • CAD Careers
  • Editing Drawings
  • Boolean Operations
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Shading/Rendering
  • Solview/Soldraw
  • Sections
  • Auxiliaries
  • Dimensioning
  • Inventor Tutorial: Parametric Modeling
  • Getting Started
  • Constructive Solid Geometry Concepts
  • Model History Tree
  • Parametric Constraint Fundamentals
  • The BORN Technique and Work Features
  • Part Drawings and Associative Functionality
  • Advanced Construction Tools
  • Assembly Modeling


  • Review 2D CAD Commands and Concepts
  • CAD Commands
  • Room and Space Planning
  • Plot Plans and Foundations
  • Construction Systems
  • Formulating a Design
  • Electrical Planning  


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