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Course Syllabus   

Auto Maintenance one is a one-semester course designed to introduce the student to vehicle operation, maintenance and basic repairs.  The student will have an opportunity to investigate automotive safety; lubrication and service procedures; wheel, tire, steering and suspension inspection and principles; buying a used vehicle information and guide; sources of repair information; and basic theory and service of the brake system.  The class is divided into approximately fifty percent lab practice and fifty percent classroom activities.  Each student is encouraged to be present if at all possible because of the difficulty of reproducing lab activities at a later date.

Prerequisites: A valid Iowa driver’s license is required to take this course.

Textbook Used:

Modern Automotive Technology by: James E. Duffy is the basic text but various other texts and/or repair manuals are used to secure the needed information.

 Units Covered:

  1. General & Automotive Safety
  2. Lubrication & Service
  3. Wheels, Tires, Suspension and Steering
  4. Buying a Used Car
  5. Sources of Information
  6. Brake Systems 


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