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Course Description: 

This is an introductory class to computer aided drafting. Students use AutoCAD software to complete drawing assignments. Students will apply techniques used in AutoCAD to create and change objects and manipulate the drawing environment. Problems are printed/plotted for evaluation. Content includes basic CAD commands used to represent objects in accepted drafting format, utilizing a variety of views and techniques. This class is useful for students interested in technical areas not limited to drafting, engineering or architecture.
Prerequisites: None

Textbook Used:

Mechanical Drawing Board and Cad Techniques by French and Helsel, Glencoe McGraw Hill, 2003
AutoCAD and Its Application Basics by Shumaker and Madsen, Good-Heart Willcox, 1998

Units Covered:

  • Computer aided drafting, tools and techniques
  • Multiview drawing
  • Sketching
  • Dimensioning
  • Section views
  • Auxiliary views
  • Fasteners
  • Pictorial views


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