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Course Description: 

Machine Tools (level 1) will emphasize the safe and proper use of various metal working machines such a the Lathe, the Vertical Milling machine, various grinders and drill press. Students will learn about accuracy of measurement using Dial Calipers and  Electronic Calipers as well as other precision measuring tools.

Students will use both dial and Digital Readout equipment in the completion of various required activities.

Prerequisites:  Students must take and successfully pass METALS.   Much of the knowledge learned in Metals is used the Level 1 Machine Tool Course.

Textbook Used: 

Machining Fundamentals, John R. Walker, the Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc., 2004
(used by the students and instructor for reference material)
Units Covered:                           

  •     Introduction to Machine Shop
  •     Using Mathematics in the machine shop
  •     Reading the rule, measurement tools, layout tools and gauging tools
  •     The Lathe-Identification of main parts
  •     General Lathe information
  •     Introduction to Lath and Mill Safety
  •     Basic intro material on the Vertical Milling Machine
  •     The Cutting Tool, Tool holders and cutting speeds and feeds
  •     Shop safety, machine care and cleanup
  •     Project planning a procedures
  •     Basic Lathe Operations
  •     Facing stock, locating and drilling center holes
  •     Rough and finish turning and turning different diameters
  •     Lathe chucks,  3 Jaw, 4 Jaw and Collet chucks
  •     Knowledge in cutting thread, types of threads, their uses and thread
  •     Filing, polishing and the knurling process
  •     Cutting Threads, Using Taps and Dies, cutting threads on the Lathe


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