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Course Description

Machine Tools II is a continuation of the Level I course and builds upon it.  There will be more in-depth study of the Milling Machine along with the Lathe and other machine tools.  Computer Numerical Control (CNC) will be introduced with CNC machining as needed on individual student projects.  Project work will be more  advanced with the use of various materials; such as Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Cast Iron and Plastic. There may be some additional project cost incurred by the student.


  •     Cutting angles tapers on the Lathe
  •     Calculation of tapers using the Offset Method
  •     Cutting threads on the Lathe (Measuring of Threads)
  •     The Milling Machine (vertical and horizontal)
  •     Milling Cutters
  •     Various styles of milling cutters
  •     Holding and driving the cutter – Millwork holding attachments
  •     Locating and edge or hole position
  •     Basic Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
  •     Drills and Dill Bit information
  •     Drill grinding and sharpening
  •     Drilling, boring and reaming
  •     Abrasives – types and uses
  •     Uncommonly used lathe attachments
  •     Grinding wheels


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