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Course Description:

Metals provides an opportunity to gain experience in basic metal working skills relating to the manufacturing area.  Students will learn about print reading, layout, cutting, bending and folding sheetmetal. The safe use of hand tools and power machines will be taught. Measuring is a very important part of this class. Knowing how to read a ruler is vital for success.


1. Introduction to Metal Work

    Basic properties and classification of metal
    Safety in the metal shop

2. Planning, Layout and Measurements:

    Layout Tools
    Measurement and reading the rule
    Layout techniques

3. Sheet Metal Fabricating:

    Intro to sheet metal and developing and transferring patterns
    Study sheet on pattern development
    Sheet metal hand tools and cutting tools
    Bending sheet metal

4. Bench Metals

    Hand sawing & power sawing
    Files and filing
    Screw threads & using the tap and die
    Assembly tools & hand tools

5. Casting and Forging

    Intro to foundry and metal casting process
    Melting and pouring metal
    Intro to forging and hand forging

6. Heat Treatment of Metal


7. Abrasives and Grinding Metals

    Metal grinding

8. Production of Iron and How Steel is Made


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