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Course Syllabus:

Small Engine Technology provides operator knowledge of power equipment and stresses proper care, servicing, and maintenance of small engines employed on power equipment

Students will learn to disassemble, clean, inspect, repair, replace, assemble, and adjust to proper running condition a small internal combustion engine.  These engines are the types used on lawnmower, roto-tiller, motorcycle, etc.  Students will learn proper shop safety, housekeeping, techniques using hand tools, measuring instrument, service and operation manuals.  Students are required to provide a four-cycle engine.


Textbook Used:

Small Gas Engines, By Alfred C. Rogh, Goodheart-Wilcox, Inc.
Small Engines Operation and Service   By: Jay Webster
American Technical Publishers
Units Covered:

  •     Safety
  •     4-Stroke operation
  •      2-stroke operation
  •      Measurement
  •      Fuel Systems
  •      Lubrication Systems
  •      Cooling Systems
  •      Ignition Systems


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