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Course Description:

Vocational Auto is a four semester course designed to develop entry level auto technician skills in the student.  The student will have the opportunity to develop skill and knowledge in the areas of engine construction, design and rebuilding techniques; on board computer functions and servicing (OBD 1 and II); throttle body and multi-port electronic fuel injection theory, operation and problem solving; basic heating/air conditioning theory and testing.  The class is divided into approximately 60% lab and 40% classroom activities. Each student is encouraged to be present if at all possible.  This course is also duel credited with Iowa Central Community College for engine rebuilding; introduction to brake systems and precision measuring credit.

The student must successfully complete Small Engine Technician, Auto Maintenance I, Auto Maintenance II and be selected by committee approval.

Textbook Used:

Modern Automotive Technology  by: James E. Duffy.   Many sources of information are used during the course of the year.

Units Covered:

  •     Cylinder head rebuilding
  •     Engine block rebuilding
  •     Electronic fuel injection theory and service
  •     Computer theory of operation
  •     Service heating and air-conditioning theory  and testing
  •     Advanced brake theory and service


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