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Course Description:

Topics addressed are basic operations, patterns of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratio, percent, interest, measurement, data collection, table construction, and use of a calculator. An introduction to basic Algebra and Geometry is included. Emphasis is based on the development of thinking and problem solving skills.

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Textbook Used:

Larson R., Boswell, L., Kanold, T., & Stiff, L., (1996). Passport to algebra and geometry. Evanston, IL.: McDougal Littell.

Lappan, G., Fey, J., Fitzgerald, W., Friel, S. & Phillips, E. (2002) Connected mathematics. Glenview, IL.: Prentice Hall
Units Covered:

  • Patterns and Order of Operations
  • Exploring Data and Graphs
  • Modeling Problems with Algebra
  • Defining Subtraction, Division, and Absolute Value
  • Exploring Number Theory
  • Rational Numbers and Percents
  • Applications with Percent, Proportion, and Probability
  • Multi-Step Equations
  • Inequalities and the Real Number System
  • Measurements in Geometry


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