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Course Description:

Chemistry I covers basic inorganic chemistry with an emphasis on reactions and elementary theory. This course is necessary for students who expect to major in a science-related field in college and recommended for anyone with a strong interest in science.

Textbook Used:  Davis, Metcalfe, Williams, Castka (2002).   Modern Chemistry.  Austin, TX:  Holt, Rinehart, and Winston


  • Measurement -  Chemists collect and analyze data.
  • Counting Atoms -     Moles are our friends.
  • Chemical Equations -   Conservation of Mass is not only a good idea--It's the law!
  • The Periodic Table and Bonding  -  The Periodic Table is the Chemist' s crib sheet.
  • Kinetic Theory -  Movin', movin', movin'!!  Keep those molecules movin'
  • Solutions -  A lot of chemistry happens in solution.


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