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Course Description: 

Economics develops an understanding of how our economy works, how prices are determined, and how our nation fits into the world economy.  Areas of study are Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.  Specific topics include: inflation, unemployment, gross national product, and economic growth, monetary and fiscal policies.  This course is recommended for students planning to attend college.


Economics: Principles in Action (Prentice Hall, 2003)

Units Covered

I.    Introduction to Economics

  • Chapter 1:  What is  Economics
  • Chapter 2:  Economic Systems
  • Chapter 3:  American Free Enterprise

II.   Supply & Demand

  • Chapter 4:  Demand
  • Chapter 5:  Supply
  • Chapter 6:  Prices Measuring   Economic Performance

III.    National Economic Performance

  • Chapter 12:   Gross Domestic    Product and Growth
  • Chapter 13:   Economic Challenges

IV.  The Government & the Economy

  • Chapter 14:   Taxes & Government Spending
  • Chapter 15:   Fiscal Policy
  • Chapter 16:   The Federal Reserve & Monetary Policy

V.    The Global Economy

  • Chapter 17: International Trade
  • Chapter 18: Economic Development and Transition


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