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Course Description:

Honors American Government will consider the implications and responsibilities of effective citizenship. The Constitution, the Federal System, Political Parties and Elections, and State and Local Government will be studied.  In addition to formal knowledge, students will be expected to internalize democratic processes and values and be better able to justify citizen participation in government decision-making.

Text:  Government by the People (Prentice Hall, 2004)

Units Covered:

  • Unit 1:  Constitutional Principles   (Ch. 1-3)
  • Unit 2:  The Political Process (Ch. 4-10)
  • Unit 3:  Policy-Making Institutions (Ch. 11-15)
  • Unit 4:  Rights and Liberties (Ch. 16-18)
  • Unit 5:  State & Local Government (Ch. 22-31)


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