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Course Syllabus:

Issues in American Affairs is a study of issues and conflicts challenging America.  Topics covered may include, but not limited to issues on capital punishment, poverty, drug abuse, child abuse, abortion, and gun control as well as the nature of American culture, social change, and democracy.  The course will allow you the opportunity to analyze, through research and discussion, various issues and topics.


Students will be required to complete a Persuasive PowerPoint project over one major issue concerning America today.

Topic of the Day:

Students will be required to write their opinions on major issues presented in class. A Topic of the Day will be presented two to three times each week and students will be responsible for writing their views on the issues. Responses will be collected each Friday and students will be graded on their participation for the activity.

Cause & Effect Maps/Charts:

Students will be required to complete five cause & effect charts during the course of the semester.  These maps/charts will be a part of the class’ final project.

Movie Summaries: 

We will be watching three movies during the course of the semester.  During and after each movie students will be required to comment and summarize what they have viewed.  Before a student may watch a movie they must hand in the parent permission slip given out on the first day of class.

Opinion Presentation:

Students will be required to present a three minute selection on a major issue in America today. Ex: gun control. The presentations will take place on the second day of the class. Students who do not complete the presentation will have to drop the class. Students may use any and all types of technology during their presentation.


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