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Course Description:

Western Civilization II is a study of the Kings through the French Revolution to the present.  Emphasis will be given to the political, social, and economic ideas, which shaped and changed Western Civilization.  The changes brought upon the Western World by the forces of absolutism, revolution, representative democracy and nationalism, will be studied.

Textbook Required: 

Spielvogel, Jackson J. Western Civilization, 7th ed. Belmont, CA: Thomson Publishing, 2009.

Units of Study

I.   The Enlightenment

a.  The Scientific Revolution
b.  Enlightenment Ideas’
c.  The American Revolution

II.  The French Revolution

a.  Revolution & the Terror
b.  Napoleon forges an Empire
c.  The Congress of Vienna

III. Nationalism

a.  The Idea of Nationalism
b.  The Revolutions of 1848
c.  Nationalism: Germany, Italy
d.  The Romantic Movement

IV.  The Industrial Revolution

a.  Causes of the Industrial Revolution
b.  Effects of the Industrial Revolution
c.  Industrial ‘Movements: Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham, Karl Marx

V.  The Age of Imperialism

a.  Democratic Reforms
b.  Mass Culture
c.  New Ideas & Inventions
d.  Imperialism in Africa

VI. The First World War

a.  Causes of WWII
b.  The First Global War
c.  Effects of WWII
d.  The Russian Revolution

VII.  The Interbellum

a.  Culture of the 1920s & 1930s
b.  The Global Depression
c.  The Rise of Fascism

VIII.  The Second World War

a.  Hitler’s Germany & the War in Europe
b.  The Holocaust
c.  Allied Victory

IX.   The Cold War

a.  The Superpowers: USA & USSR
b.  Rise of Communist China
c.  Wars in Korea & Vietnam
d.  Latin America & the Middle East
e.  The End of the Cold War

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