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Course Description:

World Studies is a two semester required class for graduation.  It emphasizes the development of basic learning, thinking, writing, and research skills to understand the interdependence of modern world history.  Students will survey the geography, major religions and philosophies, culture, and history; as well as the economic, political, social, and intellectual traditions of the world's major cultures.  Areas of focus are Europe, Middle East, Far East, Latin America, Russia, Africa, Asia, and North America.  The course will include an investigation of contemporary international concerns.


World Cultures: A Global Mosaic (Prentice Hall: 2004)

Units of Study:

I.    Introduction to the Social Studies (Chapters 1 and 2)
II.   Africa (Chapters 3-6)
III.  South Asia (Chapters 7-10)
IV.  Southeast Asia (Chapters 11-14)
V.   East Asia (Chapters 15-19)
VI.  Latin America (Chapters 20-23)
VII. The Middle East (Chapters 25-28)
VIII. Europe (Chapters 29 – 34)

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