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Academy Choral 1 (1st Semester)

Academy Chorale is open to students in grades 9-12.  It meets for one half of one block every day.  Rehearsals and assignments will focus on fundamentals of choral singing, which include, but are not limited to, reading music, solfege, sight-reading, identifying basic musical notation, identifying major and minor keys, breathing techniques, concert etiquette  and beginning musicology.  Additionally, students in Academy Chorale will be expected to participate in a concert, usually in the middle of October, in which they will perform the literature they have learned during class.

Students may only participate in Academy Choral after an audition with and approval from the instructor.  Students are expected to attend class every day.  Since Academy Choral is performance-minded, attendance is tantamount to a student's successful completion of the course. A student who is absent eight or more times may receive a failing grade.


  • Mixed chorus (beginning developmental)
  • Scales, Major/minor keys
  • Sight reading, chorales, SATB
  • Identifying key signatures
  • Complex rhythms
  • Introductory musicology
  • Simple listening skills to train ear/melodic dictation
  • Routine building
  • Emotional response/ connection
  • Accompanied to A’Cappella music
  • Men read in bass clef
  • Women read in treble clef
  • All knowledge of notes and keys in both clefs
  • Solfege


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