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Course Description:

Academy Chorale 2 is a curricular continuation of Academy Chorale 1 and it is available to all students who both successfully complete Academy Chorale 1 AND receive instructor approval.  Students who receive an incomplete or failing grade in Academy Chorale 1 will not be allowed to enroll.


  • Mixed chorus (beginning developmental)
  • Scales, Major/minor keys
  • Sight reading, chorales, SATB
  • Identifying key signatures
  • Complex rhythms
  • Introductory musicology
  • Simple listening skills to train ear/melodic dictation
  • Routine building
  • Emotional response/ connection
  • Accompanied to A’Cappella music
  • Men read in bass clef
  • Women read in treble clef
  • All knowledge of notes and keys in both clefs
  • Solfege 


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