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Meal Prices for 2020-2021 - We are glad to announce no price change for student meals.

Breakfast $1.55               Reduced Student Breakfast $.30               Adult Breakfast $2.00

Lunch (K-4) $2.55           Lunch (5-12) $2.65                                     Reduced Student Lunch $.40               Adult Lunch $3.85


Chef Nick

Chef Nick will be growing herbs and green leafy vegetables using hydroponic growing methods. These foods will be used in school kitchens cooking and serving fresh grown lettuce! Watch for him in your building. 


lettuce growing






What makes a school breakfast?  School breakfasts are made up of 4 components: what makes a breakfast

  1. an entree which counts at two components
  2. fruit
  3. milk

Students are required to take 3 of the 4 components including one that is a half cup of fruit/juice for the meal to qualify as an approved school breakfast.

graphic of what components qualify as a school lunchWhat makes a school lunch?  School lunches are made up of 5 components:

  1. meat/meat alternative
  2. bread/grain
  3. fruit
  4. vegetable
  5. milk

Students are required to take 3 of these components, one component must be a half cup of fruit or vegetable for the meal to count as an approved school lunch. 

Breakfast is Served!  School breakfast provides recommended daily servings of fruit, whole grains and mile. Benefits of breakfast include:

breakfast equals achievement

  • Increased attention resulting in better problem-solving skills which increases test scores
  • Better behaviors during the school day
  • Decreased absences and tardiness
  • Less likely to be overweight
  • Establishes healthy eating habits

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant - the fresh fruit and vegetable grant is awarded to elementary schools through the state of Iowa. This snack of fresh fruit or vegetable is served to students in their classrooms. This year the grant was awarded to: Butler Elementary, Duncombe Elementary, Riverside Early Learning Center, C.A.R.E.S and 5th and 6th grades at FDMS. 

Free & Reduced Meal Applications for the 2020-2021 school year can be accessed several ways:

  1. A hard copy of the Free and Reduced Meal application can be picked up at the Central Administration Building, 104 South 17th Street, Fort Dodge. Please contact the food service department at 515.574.5677 or to have a paper copy mailed to your address. 
  2. Applications can be found at under Student Registration. The application will need to be printed, completed, signed and returned to the Central Administration Office, 104 South 17th Street, Fort Dodge, 50501, for approval.
  3. Use the Infinite Campus Parent Portal - click on Application/forms then follow the steps to process your Free & Reduced Meal application online and sign electronically.

Free and Reduced Meal applications are available throughout the school year. You may apply for free or reduced meal benefits anytime during the school year.

Meal Charges - in accordance with state and federal law, the FDCSD adopts the following policy to ensure school district employees, families, and students have a shared understanding of expectations regarding meal charges. The policy seeks to allow students to receive the nutrition they need to stay focused during the school day, prevent the overt identification of students with insufficient funds to pay for school meals, and maintain the financial integrity of the nonprofit school nutrition program.

Payment of meals - students have use of a meal account. When the balance reaches negative $20.00 a student may charge no more than negative $20.00 per family account. When an account reaches this limit, a student shall not be allowed to charge a-la-carte items until the negative account balance is paid.

Payment options include:

  • Payment can be made online through Infinite Campus Parent Accounts
  • Cash and checks will be accepted at each building.  Checks should be made out to FDCSD Food Service and should have your student's first and last name on the memo line
  • Students who have qualified for free meals shall never be denied a reimbursable meal. Students with outstanding meal charge debt shall be allowed to purchase a meal if the student pays for the meal when it is received.
  • Employees may use a dining account for meals and must maintain a positive balance. No charging is allowed for employees.

Negative Account Balances - the school district will make reasonable efforts to notify families when meal account balances are low. Additionally, the school district will make reasonable efforts to collect unpaid meal charges classified as delinquent debt.  The school district will coordinate communications with families to resolve the matter of unpaid charges. Families will be notified of an outstanding negative balance once the negative balance reaches -$10.00.  Families will be notified via by letter sent via US mail and the Infinite Campus automated calling system. 

Important Please Read - We are unable to block dining accounts  If your child takes an a-la-carte item, the family dining account will be charged accordingly. The family will be responsible for all charges. If you do not want your student eating with us please call the food service department at 515.574.5677 and speak with Ursuala or email us

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