Fort Dodge Community School District

All breakfast meals are served with choice of skim, 1% or fat free chocolate milk.

All breakfast meals are offered a choice of main entree or a Variety of Cold Cereal, and Toast along with a choice of 100% fruit juice or fruit or fresh vegetable



SEPT 3:  Variety Muffin

SEPT 4:  Breakfast Pizza

SEPT 5:  Pancakes w/ Syrup

SEPT 6:  WG Long John

SEPT 9:  Apple Bosco Stick

SEPT 10:  Biscuits & Gravy

SEPT 11:  French Toast Sticks

SEPT 12:  Cheesy Ham Melt Slider

SEPT 13:  WG Long John

SEPT 16:  Variety Muffin

SEPT 17:  Toasted English Muffin

SEPT 18:  Pancake on a Stick

SEPT 19:  Cheesy Ham Scrambled Eggs

SEPT 20:  WG Long John

SEPT 23:  Pop Tart & Yogurt

SEPT 24:  Brekkie

SEPT 25:  Strawberry Stacker

SEPT 26:  Waffle Sticks

SEPT 27:  Blueberry Muffin

SEPT 30:  Variety Muffin

Menus are subject to change without notice.  This institution is an equal opportunity provider.: 

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