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Elementary Lunch Menu

Elementary Menu


  • CHOICE OF MILK: Skim, 1%, and Fat Free Chocolate
  • Fresh Vegetable Choices and Seasonal Fruit are offered daily

MAY 2021

MAY 4:  Crispy Chicken Sandwich

MAY 5:  Hard Shell Beef Taco

MAY 6:  Chicken Alfredo w/ Pasta

MAY 7:  Beef Hotdog on a Bun

MAY 10:  Pancakes w/ Sausage Patty

MAY 11:  Chicken Taco

MAY 12:  Crispy Chicken Tenders

MAY 13:  Hamburger on a Bun

MAY 14:  Corn Dog

MAY 17:  French Toast Sticks w/ Sausage Patty

MAY 18:  Cheese Pizza

MAY 19:  BBQ Rib Sandwich

MAY 20:  Crispy Chicken Nuggets

MAY 21:  Walking Taco

MAY 24:  Popcorn Chicken

MAY 25:  Chicken Nachos 

MAY 26:  Beef Hotdog on a Bun

MAY 27:  Grilled Cheese Sandwich

MAY 28:  Turkey Deli Sandwich

Menus are subject to change without notice.  This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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