Fort Dodge Community School District

Job Opportunities Available for 2022-2023

  • Discontinued the selling of pop during the school day
  • Encouraged fundraising groups to offer healthy snacks in their promotions
  • Offering a choice of white and whole wheat bread
  • Introducing Sara Lee white whole grain
  • Changed milk choices to 2% white, 1% chocolate and skim
  • Desserts reduced to twice per week
  • No additional salt available to students as a condiment at elementary and middle schools
  • Fruit juice must be at least 50% real fruit juice
  • Salad dressings and mayonnaise are offered in reduced fat varieties, and ranch dressing is now portion controlled at elementary schools
  • Promoting Nutra Kid at Elementary Schools with Nutrition Tips and Menu board
  • Nutrition boards displaying sugar and fat in snack items in Middle School and High School Cafeterias
  • Using reduced fat cheese on homemade pizza
  • All competitive foods offered, such as chips and pre-packaged snacks, follow the National School Lunch Program guidelines. 



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